Results: Organizational Development, Change Management, Team Development

Appreciate Inquiry (AI) is a positive organizational change and development model that involves the discovery of what gives “life” to a living system when it is most effective, alive and constructively capable in economic, ecological and human terms. Every organization has a purpose that stems from strategically being able to offer something unique and valuable. AI is the cooperative co-evolutionary search for the best in people, their organizations and the world around them to bring about positive change. This powerful model focuses on the speed of imagination and innovation instead of the negative, critical and spiraling diagnoses commonly used in organizations.

AI utilizes the “4-D” Cycle of Positive Change (Figure 1) to guide participants through a thought-provoking and organization-altering process that begins by evaluating the root causes of organizational success and concludes with the implementation and supervision of detailed change plans.


Participants thoughtfully and enthusiastically interview a variety of stakeholders to DISCOVER the core factors and patterns of strength that give life to an organization. Building on the foundation of an organization’s successes, participants work together to co-create the DREAMS of their ideal future. Participants co-DESIGN their optimal future by developing a provocative and inspiring statement of intention grounded in the realities of what has worked in the past and their vision of what is to be. Strategic intent signals what the organization wants more of and recognizes that the future is built around what is and what can be. Finally, participants move the organization forward through innovative and detailed action plans that establish its powerful DESTINY.

AI is capable of being utilized with any number of participants, from the ten’s to tens of thousands and more. It is a highly effective and inspiring tool that has been used in many of the largest organizations across the world.

AI was created by David Cooperrider, then a doctoral student in organizational behavior at Case Western Reserve University, and his faculty mentor, Suresh Srivastva, in the early 1980’s. Through their work, change efforts have been radically transformed from deflating improvement efforts to the study and implementation of what works well. Mr. Cooperrider has spent his career studying and perfecting the AI model as a researcher, significantly impacting thousands of organizations across the world.

COURSE LENGTH: 2 Hours to a 4 Day Appreciative Inquiry Summit